15 Reasons Why You Should Visit Lisbon


Lisbon is a city that has been catching travelers’ attention these past few years. It has become a unique destination; popular for its sights, traditions, and nearby attractions. A trip to Lisbon is more than you can expect, take my word.

If you’re looking for reasons why you should start your travel planning to visit this city, scroll down! I’m excited to show you why I recommend you do…




  • It has Europe’s best climate

    Lisbon is lucky to enjoy Mediterranean climate. It has warm and dry summers, with mild, rainy winters. The annual average temperature ranges between 17 °C (62 °F) and 21 °C (70 °F), making it the perfect travel destination, year round!

  • It’s one of Europe’s most affordable cities

    Portugal is overall a budget friendly destination. For only €7, you could sit to enjoy a complete meal with a glass of wine, coffee, and dessert. Lisbon, being the capital, can be a bit more expensive than other cities in the country, nonetheless, the cost of living is still lower than other European capitals.

  • It has excellent coffee

    Portugal is known for serving and enjoying a good cup of coffee. Their coffee-drinking habit, along with artisan coffee-making, was imported from Brazil. If you travel to Portugal and want to order some coffee, you can do so by ordering a BICA, which is the term used to refer to a cup of coffee.

    The word BICA means:
    B (Beba) I (isto) C (com) A (açucar), or “Drink this with sugar”!

  • You can feel in the past in Alfama, or in the present at La Baixa

    Alfama is the oldest neighbourhood in Lisbon. Its narrow, cobblestone streets make it look so quaint and pretty; this is the heart of the city. On the other hand, there’s La Baixa, the reconstructed, and renewed Lisbon where you’ll stumble upon plenty of shops, and restaurants.

  • It’s running for European Green Capital in 2019 (it’s concerned about the environment)

    The European Green Capital Award is a recognition granted by the European Commission to responsible cities. Lisbon presented its candidacy for 2020, after having been so close to winning for  2019.

  • It’s the closest Europe is to latin and african traditions

    Because of its history, Portugal has the color and energy of Brazil, and due to its proximity to the African continent, some of its architectural pieces have moorish influences and colors, too.

  • It’s 20 minutes away from the beach

    Having the beach close by is hardly ever bad news, right? Lisbon has plenty of options nearby like: Praia de CarcavelosPraia da Conceição, Cascais, Praia de Guincho, and Praia do Tamariz, Estoril, to name a few.

  • It has a river that feels like the beach

    I remember being in the car the day we arrived at Lisbon, and me and my friends we’re all excited about seeing the beach, and the driver was like “no, that’s actually not the beach, it’s the river.” He said everyone makes that mistake when they visit. Anyway, besides being close to the beach, it’s a nice river!

  • It has plenty of rooftop bars and restaurants

    The whole point of eating at a rooftop is because the views are spectacular, and Lisbon is known for offering exquisite options to dine or have a drink with amazing panoramas.

  • It serves amazing gelato

    Some say Lisbon has the best gelato in Europe, and this may actually be true. There’re plenty of ice cream parlours to choose from, but the place to go is Gelados Santini, in Rua do Carmo 9, Lisbon 1200-093, Portugal. Totally recommended!

  • There are plenty of day trips and cool attractions nearby

    If you ever feel like escaping the capital for a while, there are excellent day trip options you can take like visiting the beautiful Pena Palace in Sintra, wandering around the enigmatic Quinta da Regaleira, discovering the Monserrate Palace, visiting Cascais, Boca do Inferno, and Cabo da Roca – to name a few.

  • It’s a great place to get lost in

    I was thinking of the Alfama neighbourhood when I wrote this bullet point. You can walk, turn right, turn left, keep walking, and suddenly you would feel lost. Streets are so narrow, and buildings so charming and unique, you enjoy just walking through its streets. It’s such lovely way to come across beautiful houses and quaint buildings.

  • It has famous pastries: pastéis de nata  

    People from all around the world travel miles to try this famous pastries. The original recipe comes from a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the city called: Mosteiro dos Jerónimos. It’s a must to try them!

  • Its architecture is colourful and beautiful

    Visiting a city with unique colouring, and architecture is always interesting because it’s different. Lisbon is beautifully decorated with green and blue tiling, and yellow paint. I love this because the style is so defined, you soak in the history, culture, and tradition along with it.

  • You can eat really good at a great price

    Because it’s an affordable city, you can eat well for less than you would expect. So even if you’re tight on budget for food, you can sit and enjoy a nice meal during your trip.

These are only 15 reasons why Lisbon should be in all your travel lists for 2018, but I know there are plenty more. Have you ever been to Lisbon? What did you like? Let me know in the comments!



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6 thoughts on “15 Reasons Why You Should Visit Lisbon

  1. Tracey

    Love this. Totally agree. I loved being in Lisbon and catching the tram along the front of the esplanade. Sintra was my absolute favourite!


    1. Any Galván

      Sintra was my favorite, too!! Such a beautiful day trip!


  2. Hannah Martin

    Lisbon is a super cool city! But I must say, Ericeira stole my heart – much more relaxed there haha. Love these pics you’ve taken


    1. Any Galván

      I have not been to Ericeira! I must visit next time I’m in Portugal!


  3. Christine Connell

    I agree with all of these reasons!


  4. Michelle Marcos

    Ah I’ve always wanted to go! Portugal looks amazing in general!


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