A day in Emerald City

For me, Seattle is the place you go to drink good coffee, delight in five star dishes, shop till you drop, and experience the great outdoors.

So…what to do in a city as vibrant as Seattle, in just one day?

There are as many activities one can do that reducing it all in one list results to be a difficult task, especially because of the variety that it has to offer. From skydiving for the adrenaline junkies, to sitting in a cozy coffee shop, and sipping the best coffee in the USA for the calmer ones. Because not everyone enjoys the same activities I’ll make two different lists, one basic Seattle to-do list, and another not so basic one, with activities a little less ordinary that I consider are amazing to do in Seattle.


1. Go to the top of the Space Needle to observe the city’s skyline, and why not? grab lunch or dine there, too!

So, whether you’re up for hitting the observation deck for the perfect photo opportunity or having a delicious three-course meal at the Sky City Restaurant on top, visiting the Space Needle is a must! The restaurant revolves at 500ft, giving everyone the chance to admire the gorgeous panoramic view while enjoying a delicious meal!

I recommend making reservations online at: http://www.spaceneedle.com/information/  to guarantee a table for your whole party!

2. Visit the Pike Place Market, walk around, and maybe buy some flowers or interesting spices!

The Pike Place Market is located in the heart of Seattle, and is definitely worth a visit! Just walk through the market and admire its flower shops, restaurants, fish and vegetable markets, and spice shops. You’ll surely find everything you need, and something extra, while you’re there!
Cornering the markets’ entrance, you’ll find the historic first Starbucks located! If you’re a coffee drinker, make sure to stop by!

3. Pay a visit to the sticky attraction: The Gum Wall

Although to many this strikes as gross (and I can understand why), the gum wall, which literally is a wall covered in chewing gum, has become a main attraction simply because humans like to see bizarre stuff. We’re talking about millions of pieces of chewed gum, smashed to a wall—pretty cool. So, when you’re done walking through the historic Pike Place Market, just keep walking in order to see this piece of art! It’s right outside the Market Theatre in Post Alley, a side street off of Pike Place. It’s worth a visit!

4. For your artistic side, visit Chihuly Garden and Glass

Eight interior galleries, a lush outdoor garden and a centrepiece Glasshouse displaying artist Dale Chihuly’s most significant series of work is waiting for you! This attraction is located right beside the Space Needle in the heart of Seattle, and is considered one of the most important visits for tourists. Last time I was there, I walked around the gardens, admired the plants and enjoyed the sunny day; there’s generally lots of people there in the afternoons creating a family like ambiance—so why not? Bring the whole family!

5. The city, its streets, shops, and restaurants

Last, but not at all least, take some time to walk around the city and take it all in. Its tall buildings, hidden shopping malls, and delicious restaurants. Seattle is characterised for offering variety and quality, so you’ll sure find what best suits your taste! You’ll see that as a tourist, moving around in Seattle is not hard, its streets are perfectly designed for walking or biking, its parking and traffic that can be an issue.

So, this is my basic Seattle to-do list. It includes the activities and sights that can be accomplished in a short amount of time, and that are worth visiting when in Seattle. Now, for my not so basic Seattle to-do list I’ll include museums, restaurants, and other outdoor activities.


1. Try Lecosho for dinner!


Lecosho is a delicious restaurant featuring european-influenced dishes. It’s perfect in food, ambiance, attention, and location!

  • Address: 89 University St, Seattle, WA 98101- 2918
  • Make reservations online through Open Table: http://www.opentable.com/lecosho-reservations-seattle

 2. Il Fornaio Restaurant for lunch

Il Fornaio is an authentic Italian Restaurant worthy of a visit from anyone who likes to eat good and tasty food. It blew me away…the bread was warm and soft, the salad was fresh and all of its flavours combined perfectly, the pasta was al dente and delicious, and the desserts were absolutely divine.

  • Address: Pacific Place, 600 Pine Street, Suite 132 Seattle, WA 98101
  • Make reservations online through Open Table: http://www.opentable.com/il-fornaio-seattle?DateTime=2014-12-30%2019%3A00&Covers=2&OnlyOffers=false&RestaurantIDs=6039&MetroId=2
3. Safeco Field and Benaroya Hall

Look ahead of time for games or concerts! It’s always useful to look into these kind of things and make your visit to Seattle even more fun!

4. The Museum of Flight

The Museum of Flight is a very popular one in Seattle! Visit its official website to get information about upcoming events. It’s open 7 days a week from 10am to 5pm. Worth a visit!

  • Address: 9404 E. Marginal Way South, Seattle 98108, Exit 158 off Interstate 5
5. Mount Rainier

Seattle is also home to the famous Mount Rainier! Adventure is guaranteed in this outdoor activity. With tours lasting up to 12 hours which take you through its forests, alpine meadows, lakes, and waterfalls.

6. Seattle Skydiving

For adrenaline junkies, skydiving is available in Seattle! With experienced skydive experts, and with some of the most modern equipment available! Visit http://www.seattle-skydiving.net/tandem-skydiving-in-seattle.php for more information on safe skydiving activities!

7. Take a cruise to Alaska!

Cruises from many cruise lines sail to Alaska from Seattle! I took a cruise with Princess Cruises to Alaska this July and was marvelled with the natural beauty that abounds the area. Sailing from Seattle was perfect because it gave me the perfect opportunity to visit this city before heading on to another adventure.

I’ll soon publish one post about the Alaskan cruise itself because of all the wonderful, amazing, natural scenery that is found there. Take a sneak peek about it, and look at the pink colours of the sky, the dark tones in the ocean, and the windy skies that made my sister’s hair dance in the balcony of our stateroom.

With no doubt, Seattle surpassed my expectations. I think it’s the city that has it all and deserves a visit from every traveler who seeks both adventure and serenity, and who like to see things with an artistic point of view; because Seattle is art, its food is art, its landscapes, museums, decorations—simply everything.

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