A Taste Of Austria: 6 Places You Need To Visit

Tall mountains surrounding entire cities, people as polite as can be, and lots of Strudel, Sacher-Torte, Schnitzel and beer…Austria is a place you’ll want to revisit. There’s love for music everywhere, cheap access to the opera, a deep love for history, and picture-perfect towns you won’t ever want to leave.

If you’re planning on visiting Austria anytime soon, or simply wan’t to learn about the 6 places you must visit, keep reading! You are totally going to love this!



  1. Kitzbühel


    This small town is located in Tyrol, and although it’s famous in ski season, there’s lots to love in the summertime as well. From hiking trails, to lake visits, to shopping or sipping a cup of cappuccino in one of its many coffeeshops. Kitzbühel is full of charm. Make sure to leave some spare time to walk around its streets. The true treat is to stroll around and explore its picturesque alleys.

    Take a look at this Bäckerei (Bakery) sign! Isn’t it cute?


  2. Innsbruck

    Also in Tyrol—in the heart of the Alps, lies Innsbruck. A city lucky to be protected by majestic mountains. The must-sees here are a visit to the Domkirche zu St. Jakob (Cathedral of St. James), the Panorama, from where you can enjoy the best view in town; and make sure you buy tickets for a Tyrolean Folk Show. You can enjoy some Schnitzel and beer while you appreciate traditional folklore!

    This is the view from the Panorama I was telling you about just now…

    Tomaselli is definitely the best ice cream in town. Get a scoop for strolling around!

    ice cream

  3. Vienna

    Vienna is the city of art, music, culture, and history.

    Amongst the top experiences in Vienna are a visit to the Opera House, the Schönbrunn and Belvedere Castles, the Prater and Ferris Wheel, and the Wien Museum.

    Anyway, away from the main attractions, you’ll want to step inside its many coffeeshops which resemble living rooms, and visit its wine taverns. The most emblematic and must-see establishment is the Sacher Hotelwhich keeps the original Sacher Torte recipe all to themselves. So a visit to this hotel is an absolute MUST.

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  4. Melk

    Melk is an off the beaten path destination in the country, and oh so worth it! The Melk Abbey is an absolute must if you’re ever in the area. Here’s where I was able to try a slice of Sacher, Strudel, and beer in one same lunch! (obviously not together haha) Take a look!

  5. St. Wolfgang im Salzkammergut

    St. Wolfgang
    Out of all my Austrian travels, St. Wolfgang was probably my favourite! Sadly it was just a stop along our way to Melk from Salzburg. Nonetheless, this place stole my heart. It was early in the morning so there weren’t any crowds; it was quiet, peaceful, and incredibly beautiful.

    St. Wolfgang
    My advice for St. Wolfgang is to stay longer than a day to fully submerge in its unique charm, to allow yourself a chance to explore its every corner, and to enjoy a few meals in its many outdoor restaurants overlooking the lake. Trust me. You’ll want to spend at least a couple of days!

  6. Salzburg

    With good reason, Salzburg was the Austrian city I most anticipated visiting prior my trip. I say ‘with good reason’ because you’re probably already guessing I’ll write the words ‘The Sound of Music’Since I was a little girl—or ever since I first saw the movie—I’d been dreaming on seeing this city with my own eyes.

    Here I’m at the ‘Mirabell Gardens’, one of the movie’s filming locations!


    Salzburg—as is Vienna—is known to be a city of music. Not only because of the famous Von Trapp family, but because the prolific composer Mozart was born here. His birth house (shown below) is a popular place to visit when in the city, so make sure you stop by!

    Mozarts Geburthaus
    The Dom zu Salzburg is one of the city’s most significant and beloved churches. Not only did Mozart got to play sacred compositions for the city here, but this was where he got baptised, too.

    Salzburg Cathedral
    …and here’s a peak of its inside:


    Road tripping around the Austrian country was a dreamlike adventure. Can’t wait to head back soon!

    Austria Love

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