Christmas Dream Destination

Okay, let’s face it. Christmas is the BEST holiday on the calendar, and therefore should be spent somewhere magical along with those we love.

If you’re currently searching for a dream Christmas holiday vacation, search no more! Marvel in Travel has you covered.

Have you ever thought about Breckenridge in Colorado state in the USA? 

This place has everything anyone could ask for during the holidays; from white-covered slopes, and cozy cabins with warm chimneys for smores, to a beautifully decorated town looking like a village inside a giant Christmas crystal ball. 


Take a step back in time as you walk through Main Street, where you’ll find many restaurants, coffeeshops, bars, and shops. Specially at Christmastime, you’ll find the town even friendlier, and more charming than at any other time of the year—it’s no wonder with the colourful christmas lights that twinkle and contrast with the soft white snow. And don’t even get me started on the pine trees all around, the mountain views, and the local holiday spirit.

Walking through the town is a good way to get around (but don’t forget your scarfs, coats, winter boots, and mittens!)  It’s cold at this time of the year, but if there are no snow storms forecasted, go ahead. Cover yourself up, and venture outside! This way, you can actually smell the snow, feel the cold breeze of air against your face, and experience the christmas carol singing on the streets. Plus, stopping by some cozy coffeeshop for hot cocoa or coffee will be even more rewarding! 


Given Breckenridge’s popularity, there are many options for excursions and activities aside from skiing, and for every taste and budget! In the entertainment field, the town hosts incredible and epic shows year-round, offers variety in modern dining, and hosts art exhibits, concerts, and exciting film festivals. Breckenridge is too, home of excellent spas for some holiday relaxation, and many shops, boutiques, and sports stores to guarantee everyone has everything they may need at their reach. 

Now let’s get started on some other activities you can book to ensure loads of holiday fun! 


This one’s my favourite! 

When in ski destinations, there are many other snow-related activities you can try that are definitely bucket-list material. Like dog sledding! Immerse yourself in the beauty of the mountain to travel its trails by a sled pulled by Husky dogs! It’s fun, stress-releasing, and the BEST way to experience the snow-covered mountains. It’s the perfect  way to spend the holidays with friends and/or family! If you wish to know more about dog sledding in Breckenridge, click here.  


Take a carriage ride as you all get to sing Christmas carols, and travel through the beautiful historic town or mountain! I even got a chance to feed the horses with cookies! 


If you’re still no professional, take some ski or snowboard lessons! There are peaks for beginners as there are for professionals, so don’t be afraid and don’t miss out on the great opportunity to learn something new whilst on your trip!


Whether you do it outdoors…

or in the comfort of a warm and cozy cabin or hotel.

This last photo is from the Beaver Run Resort and Conference Center.

Click here to check out their official website.

explore the town

Get lost in the city that looks like it belongs inside a winter crystal ball. 

The one we know for its breathtaking views and immense natural surroundings…

…and the one that’s both funny and friendly.

…over to you!! Where do you love to spend the holidays?

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