College Student & Travel Blogger: Is It Doable?

It’s been forever since I first thought about writing this post. What took me so long to finally get it done? Life as a college student.

Truth is, despite it getting in the way or affecting the speed with which I work on my Blog sometimes, I would never say the time I spend at college or doing the work that comes with it is a waste.

Why? Because everything I learn has a purpose, the people I meet become readers or huge sources of inspiration, and some of the projects I have to comply with for class, end up being useful or means of promotion for my extracurricular work and creative projects.

So when it comes down to it, college helps more than it does get in the way.
So it’s perfectly doable.


A great deal to been lucky enough to grant college is helpful with my Blog, has to do with my elected career path. Choosing Communication Studies has been amongst my life’s greatest choices, merely because everything I love has to do with communication.

From basic skills you must master like writing, reading, and talking, to the big fun stuff that comes with the job like hosting my own Radio Show and TV program. Not to mention I get to learn about marketing, publicity, journalism, graphic design, and business. All of these, believe me, are useful skills and really come in handy when managing a Blog.

Here’s me during my live Radio Program at UDEM 90.5 fm (my university’s Radio Station) from a while back. The program was related to travel, so that meant I could mention the Blog and promote it locally.

radio program

But let’s not pretend balancing both is an easy task. They are demanding and sometimes stressful. There’s lots of work involved, time dedicated, and plenty of organisation going on. Without the latter, I would never get a second to myself and would probably end up forgetting important stuff.

Nonetheless, it’s doable.

When asked about this topic, I often get questioned about how frequently I actually get to travel. Honestly, I do so whenever I can. Any holiday or time off is perfect for a getaway. The tricky business is managing the content you create when abroad to make it last, because not posting for the whole semester is simply not an option. But again, planning ahead makes this possible.


That in mind, succeeding in the Blogging world and getting your degree is perfectly an attainable goal.

Something you might want to consider—if you are planning on starting your own Blog while you get your college degree—is the time it takes to get results.

I think it’s safe to state, if you’re not 100% invested in something, you won’t see the results you want 100%. But think about it this way: you’ll advance slower, but you’re running two races at once, so don’t be too hard on yourself. There’s a time for everything. Maybe the time to study is only now, and maybe the time you invest in yourself while you’re at it will pay off in time and opportunities. Who’s racing you anyway?

Plus, if there’s anything I’ve learned is we never really stop learning, and despite our wanting to eat the whole world in one huge bite, it’s the great things that take time. So just breathe deep, be patient, work hard, and never give up. If you have a great idea now, start and keep going. Do what you can with the time you have. It’s okay to walk slow…as long as you never stop.

Here’s a photograph of UDEM, my university. Thought it was a nice detail to end this post with!


…and how about you? Are you a college student and travel blogger as well? If you have any tips, pass them along! I would really like to hear your thoughts on this!

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