Dog Sledding in Colorado: The Experience

Dog sledding is my all-time favourite by far! I was so excited I didn’t even feel the cold. it’s fun to interact with the dogs, and a marvellous opportunity to enjoy the white-covered mountains and pine trees. The whole ride is unexpected and oh so memorable…


The winding trails of the Swan River Valley in Breckenridge, Colorado




I went because I’d read about the experience and had to try it! (incredibly worth it)


It was possible thanks to Good Times Adventures! (more about them ahead)

Before I write more about dog sledding, I want to share some of the photos I took during the ride…

Take a look!

About Dog Sledding

Dog sledding is a fun and interactive activity suited for anyone who loves nature, adrenaline, and animals! The ride can be thrilling or calm (it really depends on where the guide takes you) there are straight areas for when small children are riding, and more complex paths for thrill-seeking visitors. You get to choose the ride that’s best for you!

Before the ride, staff members will inform you about every detail and will lend you ( at no extra cost) appropriate gear like snow suits, and boots. You need to bring your own hats, gloves, neck warmers, and everything else you think you might need, although these items are for sale in the shop in case you forget.

Once everyone in your party is ready, your qualified guide will take you outside and introduce you to the Siberian Huskies who will be riding with you. You’ll be able to pet them and take pictures with them, too! Then, the guide will teach everyone how to ride the dogs, and what to do in case you fall or in case the dogs are running too fast for you. Everything you need to know about how to run, turn and use the brakes is explained in detail before the ride. It’s really simple and fun!

The ride lasts 1 hour long and can accommodate 6 people per tour. Your guide will be riding along the whole time; he’ll be driving the snowmobile that will guide the dogs through the paths previously chosen. The snowmobile can accommodate 4 people in the backseat, the remaining 2 people will be either riding on the dogsled or riding the dogs. Everyone will have the chance to switch positions along the tour.


  • Children under 4 years old and pregnant women can’t dogsled due to the nature of this activity
  • A signed liability is required prior to the tour
  • Reservations are required
  • You need to arrive 30 minutes before your reservation time


When I booked my tour, I did it online about 2 months prior to my visit.

Here’s the link!

My Personal Experience Dog Sledding

To me dog sledding became the highlight of my Breckenridge vacation. I must confess I was a little bit nervous because it was the first time I would try this activity out, and I wasn’t sure exactly how the tour would follow. Once it was over, I couldn’t believe how amazing and perfect it had been.

At first, my family and I arrived to the mountain where we would meet the Good Times Adventures Team for our ride. When we got there, we first signed a paper stating no one but ourselves, would be responsible for any fracture, illness, or anything that could happen to us along the ride. (scary)

Once we were done with that, we got geared up and headed outside with our guide for the ride. He introduced us to the dogs, and let us pet them, talk to them, and take photos with them. He told us something special about each dog and the positions they all had when running. Afterwards, he taught us how to stand on the sled, how to run and jump back up if you want them to run faster, and how to hit the brakes if you want to go slower. He also informed us about safety matters, like how to abandon the sled in case of an emergency.

When that was over, it all began! At first I sat in the sled, my brother was riding the dogs, and the rest of my family was on the snowmobile ahead. They were the ones who were able to photograph my brother and me, while we rode with the dogs. Sitting in the sled was a bucket list-quality experience. I saw the dogs running ahead and could see the snow-covered mountains and pine trees like in a fairytale. There are lots of great photo opportunities along the entire ride. Take a look!

I then switched positions with my brother, and was riding the dogs. It was the absolute best thing I had ever done in my life. You feel the cold air as the dogs run, you see the tall pine trees as you leave them behind, and you’re able to appreciate lakes and views that to many, are only available in postcards or the Internet.

When we were riding, the tour guide took us to a bridge where we had to make a turn; he then told us he took us there because he was sure I would fall off (it’s not dangerous at all if you fall, you fall in the snow, and you’re all geared up that you really don’t feel a thing), it’s thrilling when that happens, actually. So he took us there, and apparently I did not fall! As the sled entered the bridge it flew and we then landed on our feet on the other side of the bridge. It was so cool.

It’s perfect to ride with your family or friends. When my brother was riding with my dad, they both fell and the dogs kept running, so they both got up laughing and began to run through the snow trying to get to the sled. My mother, sister, and I were laughing as we saw them eventually catch the sled and take control again. The guide was there supervising us; when he saw they got back up, he kept going in order to give my brother and father, an opportunity to run and catch the sled.

I strongly recommend dog sledding. It was my entire family’s highlight of the trip. We all still remember how fast the hour went by because of how entertaining it was. It was a really cold day, and it was snowing while we did it, but somehow it just made it better. There’s something so beautiful about being there, out in the mountain, with your family, appreciating such beautiful white scenarios, and hearing nothing but laughter and the barking from the dogs. It’s definitely something you can’t do everyday, so it’s definitely rewarding to experience it.

If you’re planning on visiting Colorado soon and are interested in Dog Sledding, feel free to ask anything through the comments, visit the link provided about Good Times Adventures, or take a look at a video to learn more about them!

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