Eating Out But Feeling At Home At Casa Kali

Fresh, welcoming vibes and exceptional taste are just a few of the things that describe Casa Kali.

There is a place in Monterrey, Mexico where you feel—from the  very moment you step in—the most  welcoming and fresh vibes. It’s inevitable to pass by the Avenida Periférico freeway and not flip to see that yellow container with a big door and  large outdoor space with tables, plants and flowers. The place has a name, Casa Kali, a restaurant whose purpose is to promote the culture of sustainability and create a relaxed and homey environment.

This restaurant takes into account various environmental factors, from both the gastronomic responsible and decoration of the recycling space. A month after it opened, its Facebook page already had more than 35 reviews, all qualifying it with 5 stars.


Their menu ranges from Mexican and Italian to Arabic influences, and is modified according to the vegetables which are in season. Among its specialities is the roast beef and their delicious homemade bread that is baked every single morning before opening hours to have it ready and fresh from the oven for breakfast!

There are also plenty of options for vegans and vegetarians such as vegetable lasagna and chickpea pita, among others. The restaurant is still new but their goal is to integrate home-grown ingredients from their orchard, which currently hosts different species such as lavender, mint, basil, rosemary and vegetables as radish, Swiss chard and pumpkin.

Their menu also welcomes a variety of fresh squeezed and prepared juices unlike any others. Along with my mixed salad greens with apple, pear, blueberries, goat cheese, walnuts and pistachios (first image on this post 😍) I tried both their natural Jamaica-Strawberry and their Peppermint-Lemon natural waters which I can’t recommend enough!

Architecture and design

Part of the eating experience at Casa Kali is its attractive design that stimulates the visitor to relax; it even imitates the architecture of a house: a garage forward followed by a long and beautiful path full of plants that guides you toward a large door, a terrace facing the avenue, a patio and of course—a kitchen!

It’s creamy color scheme and simple and fresh decoration detail is inviting and makes you feel right at home, too!

To help the environment, part of Casa Kali is on a recycling container. The tables and roof of the outdoor space are made of recycled wood, as is the floor which is also recycled from a school. The idea is to help the community promote the culture of sustainability, and the owners’ long term goal is to be as close as they can to being 100% sustainable.

About the Owners

Casa Kali has a romantic air and is full of hope that undoubtedly reflects the vision, hard work and the love that has been poured to it from their owners: Montse and Juan, two lover chefs, about to get married.

They want people to feel right at home, they also want them to use the space to promote local products, with this, promoting the people and ingredients of the region.

We believe that the key to the rapid success of the restaurant has been the passion and commitment of these two young people who is reflected both in the food as in the service.

Wether you have a date at night or are looking for a fresh family/friendly lunch, this is a perfect place, because among the plants, the free air, the music and the small lights hung, the atmosphere is ideal for any occasion.


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This post was written in collaboration with Ana Paula Guajardo, a close friend from home with whom I share the love for communication, art, and photography. One good day she suggested to share about the local restaurants and coffeeshops she loves through the Blog, and so we went on and shared a lovely lunch at Casa Kali; a place so yummy and so different from the rest that became the first piece we wrote together for the EAT section of the website. I want to thank you Ana Pau for discovering this enchanting restaurant and thinking about sharing it to the world through Marvel in Travel!

I want to thank Montse and Juan—the owners of Casa Kali, as well. Thank you for receiving us and for sharing your lovely story! We believe Casa Kali will become the home where people gather to eat and share moments of pure joy, moments that are undoubtedly a reflection of the effort and love with which you work every single day. Thank you!

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