Garden Wonderland: Skagway

They said summer was one of the prettiest seasons to visit Alaska. Now I can agree. Only at this time of the year can their gardens look this beautiful and abundant because of “warm temperatures”, and the mountain sceneries…my fav!!

One location that caught my heart during my trip to Alaska was the Port of Skagway, a common cruise stop, and popular location for tourists. What I loved most about this charming place was visiting Jewel Gardens, a beautiful 5 acre, and USDA certified organic show garden, glass blowing studio, restaurant and shop.

The gardens are breathtaking and simply stunning. I don’t think there’s a right combination of words that are equivalent to the beauty I’m attempting to describe, so I’ll let this next image speak for itself…I present to you, Jewel Gardens!!

This image captures one of the many views there’s to this magnificent place, imagine walking around the entire garden show, and marvelling at their thousands of different kinds of flowers and plants, then appreciating a glass blowing show, and having a home-cooked lunch in the premises…that sounds like a beautiful afternoon at Skagway, and I can tell you it most definitely is.


  1. The no brainer: Camera! 
    That’s a no brainer. Whether you’re a professional photographer and use fully equipped cameras or whether you prefer to use your smart phone, when visiting Jewell Gardens, bringing a fully charged photo device and plenty of space is a must!
  2. The occasional life saver: Umbrella! ☔️
    Carrying around an umbrella when visiting Alaska is a smart choice. There’s lots of outside activities that involve walking around and appreciating nature. Don’t let some rain spoil the activity! Carry and umbrella everywhere.
  3. The ones you won’t regret taking: Light sweatshirt or jacket ☁️
    We all know that we’re visiting Alaska in the summertime, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get chilly, even during the day! Bringing along a light sweatshirt or jacket can literally save you from catching a cold, and will guarantee you a great time!
  4. The one that takes up no space: Your appetite! 
    Food here is delicious! Had a salad, a vegetarian Quiche, and an irresistible carrot cake for dessert. YUMM! Given that the restaurant is a tea room, they serve tea as well! The place is also good to look at; all decorated with flowers they grow in their gardens, which are actually located all around the restaurant, and can be seen from the dinning area through the glass doors and windows that surround the area!
  5. Last, but not at all least: Pocket money, and a little extra cash
    This one is basic almost everywhere you go. Having extra cash is always useful when visiting new places. At Jewell Gardens you can purchase blown-glass decorations and jewellery, aside from mainstream souvenirs like fridge magnets, so don’t forget to bring along the extra cash!! You never know what you may find in the souvenir shop!!

Now you’re set to go! Here’s a gallery of photos from Jewell Gardens, and some serious garden inspiration for home decor lovers!! 

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