Letter to the Reader

Dear Reader,

I like to believe that if you’re reading this right now is because we have something in common. Maybe it is our love for travel, maybe the joy adventure brings to our lives, or the excitement we feel when we look out an airplane or train window, and see the world in motion as we’re headed somewhere exciting, somewhere different.

Perhaps you love the feeling that conquers your mind when your eyes light up to the stories people from other nationalities tell; or perhaps you feel like you want to change the world, like there’s a way to grow together, and overcome our cultural barriers. Perhaps you know you can, and are now in the mission of learning about each country, one by one to get started.

Maybe you even realise it’s the world that ends up changing you as you go along, and you know that’s something good because it means you’re growing and changing. You understand you’re gaining perspective, and you’re in love with the idea of making more than one country your home.

Marvel in Travel is for all dreamers, travellers, and everyone in between. For all of those who choose to find beauty and hope in the face of progress, and in presence of doubt. For all storytellers and visual enthusiasts who seek to share, and show about the stories and places our world homes. For all of those who find a way to see as much of the world as they can, and for those who let the world change them, and the experiences they live in it shape them.

This is too, for everyone who finds themselves living in this world, for those that may not see as much of it as they would like. For those who try, who are those who in the end achieve. For everyone who is now somewhere, somehow reading this right now. This is for you.


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See you on the other side!

Love always,