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With about 3,994 restaurants in Seattle, it can be a bit overwhelming choosing where to go. To be honest, I had to leave having missed several I knew I just had to visit. Nonetheless, for the amount of time I spent there, I got to spoil my taste buds in some of the restaurants I already had pinned down, and got to try some others I came across whilst exploring the city.

At first I thought about writing a post showcasing the best food options in the city, but then I realised that for a city like Seattle, known for its food scene, there was no way I could visit enough places to write an honest post. In any case, I would end up putting together a list of the best options I got to try.

I however, chose to share my foodie experience in the form of a diary: a collection of photographs and thoughts about the restaurants from my recent trip to the city.

Are you ready?


The first one is The London Plane, an eclectic, bright, and lovely restaurant located in Seattle’s original neighbourhood: Pioneer Square. Perfect to spend a Saturday morning, sipping coffee, having brunch, and people watching through its big windows. Their menu rotates, so I can only speak for the dishes I got to try, which may or may not longer be available. For brunch, their bread was delicious, coffee and juices great, and the dishes were very well presented and tasty. There were not many options to choose from, but everything ordered was really good.  

Address: 300 Occidental Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104, EE. UU.


Given its location at the Space Needle, this may come off as a touristy option for many, and it probably is one because of the location element. Nonetheless, the food here is exceptional, and I can guarantee a nice experience. There’s variety, views, good service, and a delicious menu. If I may give you a suggestion, try their salmon, this is a Seattle special!

Address: 400 Broad St, Seattle, WA 98109, EE. UU.


This is the place I told you about on Instagram. That which had me, and my friends making reservations for another day during our trip. This stylish restaurant changes its menu daily, has an open kitchen concept, exquisite combination of flavours, and is warm and inviting. Come here for a delicious and special dinner, or early lunch (they close the kitchen at 2:00pm and reopen at 5pm for dinner.)

Address: 1531 Melrose Ave, Seattle, WA 98122, EE. UU.


Storyville is a hidden coffeeshop at Pike Place Market that’s excellent for breakfast, or for an afternoon coffee break. The place has character, their staff is friendly, and their food great. Besides this delicious breakfast featured above, I tried their selection of macarons and cappuccino. Their raspberry one was the best I’ve ever tried!

Address: 94 Pike Street , top floor, Seattle, WA 98101, EE. UU.


Our meal started with fresh from the oven bread with olive oil and balsamic, and a cup of warm tea to warm ourselves up. The place was beautifully decorated for Christmas, and the waiter was helpful and present.

For lunch I tried their Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl, which was fresh, tasty, and served in a good size.

Address: 300 Westlake Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109, EE. UU.


An Italian restaurant nestled in cosmopolitan Seattle. This is another excellent option for lunch or dinner. It’s right in the heart of Downtown Seattle in Pacific Place, a plaza with other spots to eat and shop. To start, share several appetisers to try more than one dish; their calamari, gourmet pizza options, and salads are delicious. For the main course, you really can’t go wrong with pasta, lasagna or ravioli. And for dessert? I’ve tried several options here, but the Crema al Doppio is by far my favorite.

Address: Pacific Place, 600 Pine St Suite 132, Seattle, WA 98101, EE. UU.


Besides the restaurant and coffeeshop options you’ll find here, the market itself is absolutely worthy of being part of this food diary because of its importance in Seattle. I’ve been here during the summer, and during winter, and the market is always looking colourful and fresh. Besides raspberries, you’ll find just about anything you can eat. From produce, to spices, to meats, to coffee, to anything else. Which is why the market makes for a lovely walk. I can imagine being a local, and spending my mornings wandering around the market in search for fresh foods and flowers.

Address: Pike Place Market, Seattle, Washington, EE. UU.


We stopped by La Toscanella Bakery in Westlake Seattle for coffee and pastries after lunch. Ambiance, service, and flavour was all good! There were lots of choices of pastries, and pays to choose from, which is always good! This black sugared coffee, and heart-shaped cookie combo was excellent!

Address: 116 Westlake Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109, EE. UU.

Which are your favorite places to eat in Seattle?
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