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This town itself is the main attraction, just being there made me feel in the movie set of an antique film. It felt so lifelike, and it was so beautiful…you could feel calmness in the air, hear the sound of the horse’s hooves as it pushed people around town in the back carriage, and taste delicious, fresh from the oven bread. This old town museum definitely gives you the whole experience.

The town consists of 75 historical buildings constructed in 1550 and the late 19th century. All buildings were collected in the 20th century from 20 different townships in all parts of Denmark for this open-air town museum. The world’s first display of this kind.

What’s really fun to do in this lifelike representation of the past is walk around and visit the school, post office, workshops, kitchens, grocery shops, gardens, bakeries, and other antique establishments to appreciate the town-life like the Danes lived it back in the 19th century. In addition to the visual model, in some of the workshops, restaurants, and grocery shops scattered throughout the town, museum staff is working in the role of the different town figures to paint a clear picture for all of its visitors.


Nowadays the old town remains one of just a few top rated Danish museums outside Copenhagen welcoming some 3.5 million visitors per year.

Take a look at my gallery of Aarhus’ Old Town… 

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