Summer Essentials: Packing For A Day At The Beach

Summer is hot days at the beach, sipping piña coladas, and why not? Taking a cool swim at crystal clear waters. Truth is, with the sun rays never been as damaging as they’re now, there’re some essentials you can’t forget packing before heading outside to paradise. Not to mention, those extra items we choose to bring along for our own entertainment, such as headphones, books, magazines, or photography gear to capture those perfect sunsets and relaxing moments.

Talking about photography gear, carrying those expensive lenses around, and having them exposed to the sun and humidity can be catastrophic, this can even result in permanent damage. Now, this does not mean you can’t bring them along. Lucky for you, I’ve picked up some tricks that avoid them from getting ruined along the way, so fear not! Just read along and you’ll know everything you need to know about packing, and protecting your essentials for a day at the beach!

So what are my summer essentials? How do I pack them? And, how do I manage my photography gear in the humidity?



There’re some things you can’t forget bringing along like:


This one is kind of obvious, where/how else would you carry your stuff around? Sometimes I like using bags with a zipper because it keeps all items inside, and protects them from getting wet or exposed to sunlight. If I were to choose one based on practicality, I’d go for one that fits my previous description. I however, often take this one out for a day at the beach:


As you can see it has no zipper (LOL). I however, love this because of the straw with which is made, and because it hardly maters if it gets wet. Anyhow, every time I use it I make sure to keep all sensible items to water, and sunlight in separate bags inside. This way, prevent them from getting ruined. So whether you like using a bag with a zipper, or one without, just make sure to keep everything protected inside, and you’ll be good to go!

Beach-Essentials2. SUNSCREEN

Packing sunscreen is one of the must-brings. I was telling you earlier about how strong and damaging the rays from the sun are these days, especially in the summertime. Forgetting the sunscreen, can—and probably will end up spoiling the rest of the trip for you, take my word. Being exposed to the sun for many hours, sometimes even staying in the shade without solar protection, can cause burnt and itchy skin. In some cases even head aches and dizziness. I use Hawaiian Tropic for sensitive skin facial for my face, and Banana Boat for the rest of the body.


These two are both must-brings as well. The sunglasses will prevent your eyes from tearing up because of the light, and will avoid the skin surrounding your eyes from getting wrinkled for trying to see in the excessive light environment. On the other hand, the sandals will keep your feet from getting burnt to/from the beach, so don’t forget to wear/pack a pair!


This one is less common, but I always carry around for skin health. Like applying some after getting out of the shower, but here I do after getting out of the water. Sometimes I only use it on my hands for I apply sunscreen on my body, but doing this will make your skin smooth and moisturised. 


Two things I never forget to pack are a book and a pair headphones (+ of course, my iPhone.) This way, I can take advantage of the calm and the sound of the waves to catch up on that book I never have time for back home. I also enjoy listening to music, specially if I’m sitting comfortably in front of the beach, with waves crashing and all. Always bringing along my tunes! 


Truth is the water you can purchase there, just as any other beach drink like a piña colada! Nonetheless, I figure bringing one along always comes in handy. Staying hydrated—not only when planning an outing to the beach, but to any adventure—is important to feel good, specially in the summer when it’s hot outside. And of course, a sun hat! I love them because besides being cute, and been the perfect complement for a beach outfit, and photo prop, they keep the heat from burning my head and they shade my face just right!



To me, my camera along with its lenses are also a beach essential. I want to make sure I can capture any special moment when it happens, so I choose to never forget bringing the gear along. When at the beach, it’s important to consider the sun and water factors, for these are harmful for any electronic device. What I do is make sure to keep the gear packed while not using it, but handy enough to grab out anytime for a shot, nothing severe will happen to them if they’re for a bit exposed to the sunlight and humidity, just make sure to put them away while not using them. This for my Cannon and its lenses. 

Just in case, I bring along a soft cloth in case the humidity affects the camera lense. This happened to my camera once; suddenly my photos were coming out blurry, and was not because of the camera focus set wrong. What I did was detach the lense from the camera, and cleaned it up carefully. The problem was solved and the photos weren’t coming out blurry anymore.

When I go to places involving water I pack along my GoPro Hero 4 Silver as well; being waterproof prevents me from been too cautious, and helps me capture photos while on the water, too.

For the phone, something I’ve seen people do is carry theirs on a Ziploc bag precisely to manage the humidity issue. I haven’t done this, but I’m sure it may come in handy for some of you! 

Whatever works for you and fits your personality, a day at the beach is always fun! Whether you’re into some chill time or water sports, make sure to pack along everything you’ll need, and something extra just in case!


Have some beach essential you would like to add to this list? Share on the comments!

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