Summer in Alaska

Icy Blue Glaciers

There are no words that can appropriately describe Alaska’s entire beauty, and no amount of photographs that can show its grandeur and jaw-dropping natural surroundings. Did you know that there are areas where hunting and air transport at certain altitude are prohibited? Their ecological preservation efforts and endangered species concern and care is to vow at. For this reason, and many others, Alaska remains the natural gem of the United States.

It’s mighty, without a doubt magnificent, and to many even magical. With icy blue winters and summers in the north, and green summers in the south, it embraces the complete spectrum of beauty and charm. With misty fjords, snow-covered mountains, and pine trails surrounded by waterfalls in the summers, Alaska is proud to recieve tourists at any time of the year, even at wintertime when water is frozen and snow is covering it all; the possibility of witnessing the magical Northern Lights in Anchorage and Fairbanks, attracts visitors from all around the world.

Summer in Alaska

What to to do in summer

Visiting Alaska in July is just perfect! Ever cruised before? Try Princess Cruises and sail around its main ports! There are so many options available when deciding to book a cruise, from different sailing ports, to various itineraries, visits, and dates. The towns I got to visit where charming, and unique in their own way; food was delicious, and the locals where really friendly and kind. Here’s a list of the towns I visited, and activities I got to do in each:

1. Ketchikan

Ketchikan We arrived at Ketchikan’s port early in the morning, as soon as we descended the boat we walked to a bridge on our way to a catamaran that would take us to see the mighty Misty Fjords. The views were beautiful anywhere you looked. It was windy and chilly, despite it been July, but the sun was beaming bright and warm. It kind of reminded me of Norway, the water, vessels, and small town houses gave me that impression. So, we boarded the catamaran and enjoyed the views for about 3 hours, we got to see mountains and scenery so beautiful, I could not stop taking photos. Take a look! Alaska After navigating, and grabbing some lunch, we arrived at the town. We walked around it all (it’s that small), but it’s rustic, and it really makes you feel like you’re walking around the set of a Hollywood movie. We shopped for some canned salmon, Alaska’s specialty, had some coffee, and went back to the ship. IMG_1071

2. Tracy Arm Fjord

The following morning we got to explore Tracy Arm Fjord which would lead us to Juneau. The ship is too big for this area, therefore we boarded a smaller vessel that would allow us access and proximity to the glaciers that surrounded us. This was a day of amazement, inspiration, and happiness. With panoramic white, and light blue views, the sound of sea ice breaking and cracking above us, and the deep sound of communication between the seals that swam near by, I felt the Alaskan magnificence I’d only heard and read about, and I understood it, and found myself immersed in its entire beauty.

Sawyer Glacier


3. Juneau


Helicopter Ride! Another spectacular activity to do in Alaska is the helicopter ride! We flew over Juneau, and landed on Mendenhall Glacier. It was freezing cold and windy, but the views were worth it. Up in the helicopter we were able to spot eagles, appreciated the mountains, and had the world at our feet. It’s all truly about perspective, looking from above, is the best one of all. Once we landed on Mendenhall Glacier, we explored the area, took photographs, drank the clearest and coldest of waters, saw Alaskan beauty at its finest, and then headed to the helicopters to fly back at Juneau for an outdoor Salmon Bake. IMG_8316IMG_8496

4. Skagway

SkagwayA day after Juneau we arrived at Skagway, where we visited the Jewel Gardens, a beautiful restaurant, garden, and blown glass factory family-owned business. The restaurant is decorated with flowers, and tea decorations, its windows allow a perfect view to a section of their gardens, and the attention you get as a customer is just right. What amazed me the most is the beauty in their gardens; everything was just perfect. Every flower was blooming, and there were hundreds, if not thousands of different kinds of plants there. There was a beautiful toy train going around in circles, there was a little wood house for supplies, ponds, lakes, fountains…the list is endless! And to seal the deal, the gorgeous snow-topped mountains complete the panorama to perfection.


Canadian attractions you can visit close to Alaska

5. Yukon, Canada

When been in Alaska, the ideal way to get to Yukon is with the White Pass and Yukon Route Railroad. It’s a pleasant ride full of photo opportunities. The train has no other stops than Yukon, but the views can be highly appreciated from inside the train; besides, you can step outside to the wagon that connects each other, and breathe in the entire scenery. I took this photo in the train! Take a look: train ride The important thing to remember about this tour is that you need to carry your VISA and/or Passport because you’re crossing to Canada. Once in Yukon, you can visit the suspension bridge, it’s surrounded by mountains, and beneath, streams cold Canadian water. Be sure to try Canadian maple products while you’re there!

bridge panoramic  6. Victoria, BC

Victoria is one of the most touristic cities in Canada. There’s a lot to see and visit, what you can’t miss is the Butchart Gardens! If you’re a person who adores gardens, flowers, and art, this is the PERFECT place for you! Their colorful gardens attract thousands of visitors who come, camera in hand ready to capture the beauty all around! There are plenty of restaurants and shops inside, so be ready to spend all day there! You’ll never want to leave!

There’s obviously a lot more you can do in the places mentioned! Visit Alaska and Canada, and discover all of their wonders! Whale watching, fishing, lumberjack shows…you won’t get bored for a second while you’re there!

nature all around

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