The Colors of Italy

Italy is home to many colors on the palette, it’s no wonder it varies from region to region. All it took for me to fall in love with this country’s visual charm went down to these: a sunny summer trip, a camera glued to my hands, and a ticket to witness the infinite tones of colors that paint the Italian country all around.

From bright fruity yellows and oranges to deep blues from both sky and sea…

To begin with, take a look at Venice’s Mercato di Rialto! A place where not just your taste buds can be delighted but your eyesight as well. With variety in all things fruits and vegetables to the perfect Italian market atmosphere to make you feel like your trip to Italy can be in fact just the ideal gastronomic journey you wished for back home.


Now, just walk a few steps from the market and look at the detail that decorates houses. The words lovely and quaint come to mind! Italy is painted in beautiful earthy-orange tones and to make it even more special, the touch of dark green for their windows and pink flowers makes it so unique and charming.


Next is the bright citric yellow tones found in the loveliest island of them all: Capri! Lemons just happen to grow in this area, and because they’re highly  perfumed and really juicy, they have made Capri famous over the years. If you’re ever around and hoping to try their local best, don’t miss out on their limoncello!


When writing about Italian color and collecting the photographs that capture Italy’s essence, how could I not include art? It of course comes in different colors, shapes, and sizes, but what I love the most are the stories they tell, the feelings they emit, and how they make us travel miles to see them. This particular shot is from the Vatican; the intense, immense, jaw-dropping, soul fulfilling place I could visit over and over…

…and take a look at the blue tones in this one! Italy’s islands are something else—no doubt. I took this particular shot from a terrace in Capri overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, not bad huh? The Bugambilia surrounding the white column was a favourite one of mine as well, they bloom beautifully during the summertime!


Recognise this? This is Florence’s Ponte Vecchio—or Old Bridge as it translates to english. Crossing through it you’ll find the finest and oldest jewellers in the city + it sure does give the place a romantic look!


…and another one from Capri to seal the deal! A yacht trip is a must to admire it’s turquoise waters and incredible oceanic rock formations. It’s an island so full of color and charm I can’t recommend it enough!


…over to you! Which are your favourite Italian cities? Have you spotted any other colors you’d like to share? Comment below!

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