Top 17 Dishes You Must Try at Restaurant: Hawaii 5-0

“Food is our common ground, a universal experience”- James beard

If you’re ever found in the city of Monterrey, located in the northern part of Mexico, and looking for a place to have a delicious meal, Hawaii 5-0 is the place you’re looking for. This international cuisine restaurant is simply and undoubtedly one of my favourite restaurants in town. It’s the place where flavour, tradition, variety, service, and ambiance collide.

So–being it at the top of my list–I decided to narrow down, out of the many dishes I adore, the Top 17 choices you just need to try!

The photos below were all taken by the talented Mexican food photographer Michel Lubbert, whose Instagram account I linked to his name in case you want to check out more of his work! 

Top 17 Dishes You Must Try at Restaurant: Hawaii 5-0

1. sushi boat

For the love of sushi, its colours, and variety order the Sushi Boat! Ideal for sharing, plus you get to try one of each!


2. Indeciso 5-0

This one’s to all of those who can’t decide. Steak? Lobster? Why not both? “INDECISO” translates to “UNSURE” after all.

3. bbq salmon

A great dish with exceptional flavour. The photo really just speaks for itself!

4. hawaiian maki

A dish that combines both flavour and texture with presentation.

5. oriental wraps

The perfect mix of ingredients for a light and healthy choice.


6. baby squid 5-0

For the love of art and the pleasure of eating.

7. rock tempura shrimp

Served with a mayo spicy sauce. A starter you won’t want to share!

8. suntory asparagus

Asparagus wrapped in filet previously marinated in mango and Anguila sauce. A taste of heaven.

9. “caldo tlalpeño” 

Traditional Mexican broth. Served with chicken, rice, vegetables, Panela cheese, avocado and chipotle. What’s not to love?


11. “chicharrón de ribeye”

We just love this. It’s like pork rind, but with ribeye. A delicious combination of flavours and textures.

12. salmon with mango sauce and “chile piquín” (chili powder)

A little sweetness from the mango, and a little spicy from the chili. It’s the best of both worlds.

13. green pepper steak with rosemary potatoes and asparagus

Guaranteed spot on this list, for sure!

14. dutch sole meunière

Healthy and tasty, all in one delicious meal.

16. tacos de alambre de arrachera

Served with guacamole (avocado) and black mashed beans on the side. Simply one of the most beloved dishes in Mexico.

17. dessert!

Of course dessert had to be on the list! Not a single dish, but the entire affair. For the love of ending on sweet notes…


Av. Roble 501,Valle del Campestre, 66266 San Pedro Garza García, N.L.



☎️ 8378 6405 (if your calling from Mexico)
? Open Table (direct link to book online!)

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Over this past few months I’ve had the pleasure and opportunity of working with really talented and inspiring people. Somehow, things began to fall into place, and I was offered the incredible chance of managing this restaurant’s social media. It’s been an amazing, and incredible learning experience for me (it’s not that common to get offered to work on your favourite restaurant!) So I give special thanks to Gabriel Velarde and his family–the owners of this delicious establishment, that brings people together with the recipes they love, and to Michel Lubbert–the professional photographer whose photographic artwork I display in this post. THANK YOU!

I may be this restaurant’s community manager, but everything I write and every opinion I share on this website is entirely my own.

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