What To Pack For A Summer Disney Vacation

Visiting Disney World is a spoonful of sugar anytime of the year, for sure! Because while off season means short to no waiting time and uncrowded spaces, peak season will highlight year round celebrations like you’ve never seen nor experienced anywhere else before.

However, this time I’ll highlight the items that must be in your bag
if you’re visiting during the summertime, so if you’re planning a trip over, keep reading!

First off, you should bring along a backpack or any bag that’s comfortable for you to carry around, and is impermeable. You’ll want to be worry-free while you ride water and fast attractions, so do make sure all items are enclosed inside.

Pack comfortable clothes, walking shoes, swimwear, sandals & a light sweater (sometimes restaurants or indoor spaces have the air conditioners set REALLY cold.)

Now, what should you pack inside your bag for a day at a Disney Park?


Summers are hot in Florida. Packing a pair of sunglasses is a definite must for you to fully enjoy the parks. I also recommend a hat because whenever the sun’s out, it feels like it burns your head. Just imagine you’re in line for more than 1 hour under the sun. Yup! Not a pretty scenario, so do bring a hat over! You won’t regret carrying it around – believe me! Brining sun protection is not a bad idea either. You can carry it around if you wish, or just apply it at your hotel before heading out.


Orlando has many rainy days during summer, although it hardly ever rains all day long. For this reason, you must be prepared in case it rains with an umbrella or a rain poncho. They sell ponchos at the park when it rains, but they are really expensive, and because it rains just for a while, I wouldn’t recommend you leave the park. The best is to stay put if it’s pouring rain, and be prepared with the essentials to keep going when it just drizzles. Pack a compact umbrella that fits in your bag, and a plastic light poncho, too!


It doesn’t matter whether you choose to carry a professional camera or just your smart phone, but don’t leave any of these at the hotel! You’ll make memories to remember for years to come, make them last forever by taking candid photos around the parks! And in case you run out of battery, carry your charger around to recharge in case you need to.


Hydration is key to keep going, specially when it’s hot outside. Bringing your own thermos along will save you from wasting a few dollars because filling your own is free!


Many have asked if bringing food along is allowed, and while you can, you must know it must be something that doesn’t require you heating it up. Granola bars, candy, cookies, chips or a sandwich are good examples of stuff you can bring along.


I recommend you bring one along because, as I wrote before, when it’s really hot outside, the air conditioning for indoor spaces is set really cold. If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to carry one just in case! Besides, drastic temperature changes can result in you catching a cold, so this way you can avoid spoiling the vacation.


I always carry these two items in my bag, anywhere I go. So they couldn’t go missing from this list. Not always you get the chance to wash your hands as much as you’d like, so keep the hand sanitiser handy. The scrunchie is in case I wish to make myself a ponytail; you can bring anything you’re used to wearing in your hair for this one!


These are the top items that must be in your bag for a day at any Disney Park. Years of being a Disney vacation fan have taught me these are the definite essentials. Just keep in mind no drones, selfie sticks, and large tripods are allowed!

To see what other objects are prohibited at entrance click here

What else do always bring along with you?
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