What travel means to me

Having a blog dedicated to travel encourages people to frequently ask about what traveling is for me. So after thinking about it in detail, I finally got to define what travel is and symbolises in my life.  In hope of inspiring, and maybe complementing the definitions you’ve all created for yourselves, on this post I share with you all the thoughts and feelings that wrapped up, make up the definition I personally give to travel, based on my experiences abroad over the years.


It means getting out of my comfort zone to experience difference, and to understand it. It means been out there to witness magic. It’s standing in front of or gazing at landscapes, and monuments privy to our hometowns, and it’s letting others’ beliefs, and traditions sink into our lives for that precise moment that we’re sharing. It’s developing some sort of new eyesight and mindset; it’s gaining context and losing fear. Travel means learning through action. It’s life on the fast lane. It’s thinking, problem-solving, socializing, exercising, and mesmerizing all in one.

Through travel I experience a different reality from the one I’m most familiar with. It’s peeking into a marvellous “what life would be like if I were born here.” It’s about growing into a fuller person, and getting to know the background of a culture, and the uniqueness of its people. It’s about becoming comprehensive, humble, smart, confident, and complete.

It’s about caring for others, and about building bridges of peace. It’s about individually representing our home countries, and educating those who are mislead or misinformed about what our country is, and stands for. It’s about stepping closer to change, and about proving there are more similarities between us than there are differences.

Travel has the power to not only bring us closer, but it can truly bring us together.


Our world needs a group hug. Let’s explore and let’s discover. Let’s understand, let’s help. Let’s find inspiration in the midst of a journey full with uncertainty. Let’s fall in love with the unknown, and then let us fight for it. Let’s get away from routine, and allow our heads an actual rest. Let’s dare ourselves to be different as we search for some common ground.

I travel to unravel and allow myself to be marvelled.




What does travel mean to you?

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