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There are many reasons why we absolutely adore Paris. It’s the place where we’ll find art, history, fashion, knowledge, opportunity, and–mark my words–lots to eat! ?

It’s no wonder there’s about 40,000 restaurants to choose from; Parisians and tourists are often overwhelmed by choice, and excellent ones at that, may I add! Paris has 9 Michelin three-star restaurants out of the 27 there are in the country. So this is somewhere to indulge in exquisite dishes, and simply sit back to enjoy one of the greatest pleasures life has to offer, which is eating!

I’ve figured–being a food and travel enthusiast myself–that tourists look for a complete eating experience when in gastronomic renowned destinations; meaning that location and ambiance matter as much as service, taste, and presentation.

La Mère Catherine is somewhere you’ll want to sit down, and have some dinner after having a busy day exploring the city of light. Located in the heart of the charming Montmartre in Paris, just next to the Sacré Cœur Basilica, you’ll guarantee yourself a traditional Parisian environment, and a delightful dining experience.

Sacré Cœur

Their menu includes Parisian delicacies and all-time favourites like their homemade onion soup, Bourgogne Snails with garlic butter, Cuisse de canard confite á l’orange, Tagliatelles au Foie Gras, and desserts like the famous crème brûlée à la vanille, and a chocolate mousse to die for, to mention a few.

Be sure to try the chef’s specialty: Steak au poivre, gratin dauphinois, which is Tenderloin Steak served with potatoes topped with breadfruits and cheese! ?

Check out their Poulet Mère Catherine!! With fresh from the oven bread, served in a basket for the whole table to share!

Pour Manger

Eating here was truly the cherry on the top of our entire day at Paris. Service was excellent despite the restaurant been absolutely full, the environment was friendly, and the pricing was just right for the quality and quantity of food we got.


There’s no need to book in advance–sometimes it’s best to have dinner plans schedule-free in case you stumble upon other activities in Montmartre, and want to spend some time wandering around the shops or the Basilica, before you decide to sit down for dinner.

If you decide to leave your plans to chance, and arrive at popular eating hours you may have to wait about 10-20 minutes for a table, but I recommend waiting. 10-20 minutes is not that long anyway, and mainly any other place will be packed, too. But this way, you’ll get to appreciate your evening at your own pace and do just what you feel like doing at the time!

If you still rather plan your evening out you can make reservations here!

La Mère Catherine is the place where all Paris lovers come to eat because it’s located in what for me is one of the prettiest areas in Paris, up in a hill with beautiful views to the city. There’s the Basilica, and many artists drawing and painting in the streets where people walk by with their crêpes in hand, talking and laughing.


You’ll feel inside a themed French film, and as you relax and enjoy their exquisite cuisine, and sip some red wine, you’ll suddenly realise you never want to leave Paris.

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